New Laptop

By | February 22, 2008

Well I have decided not to get the dell anymore, since they can’t provide a tax invoice until I receive the goods. So Rachelle and I went looking around on Wednesday for a new laptop, and ended up going to Joyce Mayne to see a friend, Josh. After waiting quite awhile since he was serving someone, we got down to business.

I ended up getting a HP dv6733tx (RRP $1999) with 4gb of RAM instead of the 2gb, I also got a Belkin NE-07 Carry Bag, and 24 months HP warranty on the thing, all for under $2000. It came with 2gb originally, but Joyce Mayne are doing a “double your ram for $1”, so I took advantage of that 🙂 The only thing I am going to need to do is install Vista 64-bit instead, since it comes with 32-bit, it wont recognise the 4gb of RAM.

I am also getting it salary packaged through work, so no tax, and at tax time I get it back. I should have the funds when I get paid, so I will have an early birthday present. Thanks Josh for doing such a good deal on the notebook and extras 😛