NQ Ride Motorcycle Training Review

By | March 4, 2015

I’ve had my motorcycle licence for around 3 years or so now, and prior to obtaining my licence I had never ridden a motorcycle on the road. This is where NQ Ride Motorcycle Training came in. Some of my mates that had already been riding for awhile advised me to go and see Jay at NQ Ride, since that is where they went and had nothing but great things to say.

From all the good stories I heard about Jay, my expectations were high when I first met him, and he definitely exceeded them. Obtaining my motorcycle licence, and my R licence were such amazing days, and I’ve learned a lot from him! Thanks mate!

The amount of knowledge that Jay has around motorcycles is phenomenal. Not only is he a professional motorcycle rider and performance coach, he also does Q-Ride courses. Being coached by Jay was an awesome experience, and having him share his professional knowledge is undoubtedly one of the best things that I took from the days that I spent being coached.

NQ Ride offers a few different choices for you to obtain your motorcycle licence, and now even has “Twilight” courses available for those that work business hours. So Jay caters to everyone’s needs! I went through NQ Ride for me RE licence, and my R licence, and even though it was only 12 months later, there was still things I picked up off Jay when we did the Q-Ride training and assessment.

One of the things I liked about Jay is that he’s very easy to talk to and professional. There are no stupid questions that you can ask him, and he’s always happy to help and provide any information he can for you. So if you’re thinking about getting a motorcycle licence, or upgrading to your R licence, definitely go and see him!

You can contact him on 07 4726 7900, like his Facebook Page or visit NQ Ride website.