Olixar Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker from MobileZap

By | October 9, 2015

So I got in contact with the guys over at MobileZap, and this time have decided to have a look at something other than phone cases or accessories. They happened to provide me with the Olixar Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker LED Table Light. We’ve had it for about a week now, and Chell is quite happy with it!

The speaker sits on a little table near the kitchen as we have an open plan kitchen / dining area. I was a little sceptical with the sound quality from this speaker however it has a nice rubberised base and the speaker doesn’t seem to have too much trebble or sound “tinny”.

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker

This little speaker can do everything. It has a flexible neck so when you’re using the lamp you can position the light wherever you want and the light is quite bright. There are 5 water jets inside the speaker, coupled with 5 LED’s (red, blue, green, pink and yellow) which illuminate the “water jets” which look like they’re dancing to your music by having air pump through to the tempo and strength of the music.

If you’re listening to music via bluetooth and you receive a call whilst your phone is in another room then all you do is simply tap on the answer button on the speaker. The music stops, and the speaker has an inbuilt microphone so you can continue doing whatever it is whilst talking to the person that called.

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker - Buttons

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker – Buttons

You can control your music (play / pause) and volume directly from the speaker without the need of interacting with your smartphone or device. Tap the back or forward buttons to skip tracks, or tap and hold for volume down and up.

If you don’t happen to have a bluetooth capable device then that isn’t an issue either. The speaker has support for USB, TF Card which will allow you to play mp3 files and also includes a 3.5mm jack to connect devices without bluetooth.

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker - Inputs

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker – Inputs

The battery will last around 3 hours provided it is fully charged. If it does go flat you simply plug in the micro USB cable and connect to to either your laptop, PC or a USB wall plug which you would charge a phone or tablet with.

If you’re looking for a cheap bluetooth speaker that not only sounds good, but looks good and has a built in desk lamp than I can highly recommend this speaker. It definitely gets it’s fair share of use every afternoon!

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker - LEDs

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker – LEDs

If you’re interested in some accessories for your mobile devices, or even have an iPod or music player be sure to check out MobileZap. They have great customer service and fast shipping.

The Olixar Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker LED Table Light was provided by MobileZap.