Android 5.0 confirmed. Android L teaser video posted by Google

Justyn | October 15, 2014

Today is October 15 here in Australia, and there seems to be a rumour about it being a massive day for Android. After all, Google hasn’t officially mentioned anything regarding any new devices, announcement dates or their upcoming version of Android L. However there’s plenty of information about the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Android L.

There’s been a new “Sweeeeet” video released to tease the Android community, again. Posted by Sundar Pichai it shows a casting call where different kinds of desserts audition for the role of “L”. You don’t see any lollipop in the video, but it does confirm that the next version will be 5.0. On another note, you also see an Oreo. Since Android 4 was named KitKat, maybe theres also a hint that the new version will be named Oreo too?

Kinetic sand, take my money

Justyn | October 11, 2014

Kinetic Sand

I recently discovered a product called kinetic sand, and it is pure magic.

It was invented by the Swedes it contains 98% pure sand, the other 2% is magic. The sand sticks to itself, and nothing else, which allows you to build or cut it cleanly, however it is somewhat alive, and can also move on its own like regular sand.

If you’re looking at the YouTube clip and thinking that you must have it, you can buy it over at Amazon.

The Ebola Virus isn’t as contagious as some diseases

Justyn | October 5, 2014

It’s understandable that people are worried, even freaking out about the ebola virus. It has killed around 70 percent of people that were infected in West Africa. However there’s not necessarily any reason to worry due to the fact that it spreads slower than other infectious diseases. The following infographic taken from NPR’s post on ebola shows this. A person with measles can infect 18 people on average, where as ebola can infect two.

Ebola Infection Rate

The reason for this is due to a term coined “R0“, which is the reproduction number or R nought. This R0 shows how contagious an infectious disease is, in say an outbreak or epidemic and how many people may catch the disease from a sick person.

Ebola isn’t something to take lightly, however it can easily be contained due to it being very difficult for the virus to spread. It isn’t an airborne disease. It actually requires someone to have extensive contact with “bodily fluids like blood or vomit“. Also, people that may be infected with ebola aren’t contagious until they show symptoms.

So you can now relax a little. You should be quite safe if you aren’t coming into contact with blood and vomit.

Uneducated truth of PayWave and PayPass

Justyn | August 7, 2014

The other day there was a discussion about PayWave and PayPass on Facebook. A discussion that I tried to chime into and educate the people that were spreading misinformation. The point of this post is about how here, in Australia our PayWave and PayPass cards use NFC, instead of RFID or EMV like what is primarily used within the US, Japan, Europe and the UK.

For those that don’t know, Near Field Communication (or NFC for short) operates at 13.56MHz and allows two-way communication (unlike RFID), only supports a single transaction at a time, and only works within close proximity which is up to 10cm. In terms of PayPass and PayWave though, the distance is within 4cm of the terminal.

This is more likely due to the induction loop in the card, with the power being transmitted from the terminal being so low, the card won’t work over 4cm, even in an ideal world it is more realistically 2-3cm. When I have ever used PayPass it has always been the “within 4cm” as like what is stated on the VISA PayWave website. I’ve never had one be read by a terminal over that distance.

I figured I would add some of the screenshots from the Facebook conversation, with names obviously disguised.

PayWave 1

I’m asking a logical question.

PayWave 2

Seems that some people just don’t understand.

Now further on after this, the other people mentioned about how it is “all over the internet” regarding people accidentally paying with PayWave / PayPass, which I guess is true if you have the card within 4cm of the terminal, and not in their handbags or wallets in their pocket. However in terms of EMV it is contact-less for the actual payment, much like PayPass/PayWave but EMV still requires a pin to process the transaction.

Alpinestars S-MX 1 Boots Review

Justyn | July 3, 2014

I ended up getting a pair of the Alpinestars S-MX 1 boots which say they deliver protection and comfort which is exactly what I want in a pair of boots. Commuting to work everyday I didn’t want a full length boot which would be uncomfortable to walk around in, so these are a happy medium.

The price came in at $169.95AUD due to a sale instead of the RRP of $199.95AUD so I even saved $30 on them, bonus!

Alpinestars S-MX 1

Alpinestars S-MX 1

With the S-MX 1 boot Alpinestars got the design cues from their S-MX racing boot and well, basically cut them in half. They have a reinforced heel, toe cup, reinforced ankle, and simplistic sliders (which can be replaced). The thing I like about them too is how easy they are to put on and take off due to a single YKK zip, and velcro cover. Long gone are the original ways of putting on boots via laces.

The boots themselves are very comfortable. I have a pair of Alpinestars Fastback Waterproof boots which are size 10US however these ones are 9.5US and still fit perfectly, so make sure you check the sizes when you try them on. They do have an adjustment strap running across the bridge of your foot which can be adjusted too, however I’m unsure how well they will stay on in the event of a crash. Something I don’t ever want to test.

So if you want a safe, comfortable boot that you can walk around in all day, I would highly recommend these S-MX 1’s. They don’t stand out too much under a pair of jeans either.

Nexus 5, ParanoidAndroid, Franco.Kernel and Undervolting

Justyn | June 8, 2014

Update: I no longer have my N5 undervolted, but will keep the voltages here. I have however changed a few of the CPU options, and in turn have updated this post.

So I managed to get myself a Nexus 5, which best of all was free. So I thought I would do another post about my settings like what I’ve done in the past for my Galaxy S2, Xperia Z and Xperia Z1. So without further ado here is my set up.

Device: Google Nexus 5 (16GB Black)
ROM: ParanoidAndroid (4.5 Alpha 3)
Kernel: franco.Kernel (r54)

So I am running ParanoidAndroid 4.4 RC2 (4.4.3) with franko.Kernel which is running beautifully.

Here is all the CPU, GPU and Miscellaneous settings that I’ve configured which loads on boot via init.d, some of it is from Vomer’s settings, and some from Piereligio’s colour profile (I’m using TrueRGBv7).

Note: I am not responsible if any of these settings makes your Nexus 5 catch on fire.

Per-App Modes

  • Books: Adobe Reader, AdSense, Westpac, Calendar, Dominos, File manager, Fuelly, eBay, Google Opinion Rewards, Google Play Books, Keep, Paypal, SpeedTest, WordPress
  • DualCore: 2048, Candy Crush, Chrome Beta, Clean Master, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Flappy Bird, Gmail, Google+, Hangouts, Instagram, MOG, PicFrame, PicSay Pro, Skype, XDA, YouTube
  • QuadCore: Fast & Furious 6


echo “interactive” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor
echo “70” /sys/module/msm_thermal/parameters/temp_threshold
echo “50000” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactive/timer_rate
echo “300000” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq
echo “1190400” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq
echo “500000” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactive/sync_freq
echo “700000” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactive/hispeed_freq
echo “800000” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactive/input_boost_freq
echo “120000” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactive/above_hispeed_delay
echo “0” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactive/boostpulse_duration
echo “95” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactive/go_hispeed_load
echo “10000” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactive/min_sample_time
echo “90” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactive/target_loads
echo “0” > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactive/io_is_busy


echo “N” > /sys/module.lm3630_bl/parameters/backlight_dimmer
echo “0” > /sys/module.lm3630_bl/parameters/min_brightness


echo “320000000” > /sys/class/kgsl/kgsl-3d0/max_gpuclk
echo “4” > /sys/devices/fdb00000.qcom,kgsl-3d0/kgsl/kgsl-3d0/min_pwrlevel
echo “25” > /sys/module/msm_kgsl_core/parameters/up_threshold
echo “10” > /sys/module/msm_kgsl_core/parameters/down_threshold
echo “4” > /sys/class/kgsl/kgsl-3d0/min_pwrlevel



echo “0” > /sys/devices/virtual/misc/mako_hotplug_control/load_threshold

Enable Fast Charge

echo “1” > /sys/kernel/fast_charge/force_fast_charge

Disable FSync

echo “N” > /sys/module/sync/parameters/fsync_enabled

Disable Logging

echo “0” > /sys/module/logger/parameters/enabled

Volume Tweaks

echo “5” > /sys/class/misc/soundcontrol/volume_boost

Headset Gain
echo “3” > /sys/class/misc/soundcontrol/headset_boost

Mic gain
echo “3” > /sys/class/misc/soundcontrol/mic_boost

Speaker Gain
echo “5” > /sys/class/misc/soundcontrol/speaker_boost

Colour Profile

echo “0 12 19 30 39 48 56 72 82 104 118 127 119 116 115 106 84 78 66 60 44 35 20″ > /sys/module/dsi_panel/kgamma_rp
echo “0 12 19 30 39 48 56 72 82 104 118 131 120 116 114 107 100 78 66 60 44 35 20″ > /sys/module/dsi_panel/kgamma_rn
echo “0 12 20 31 40 55 62 76 89 109 123 132 115 113 111 103 78 75 67 58 49 39 21″ > /sys/module/dsi_panel/kgamma_gp
echo “0 12 20 31 40 55 62 79 84 109 123 134 116 112 112 104 101 76 67 58 49 39 21″ > /sys/module/dsi_panel/kgamma_gn
echo “0 12 19 30 39 48 56 72 83 105 119 130 119 115 116 106 88 80 71 62 52 42 25″ > /sys/module/dsi_panel/kgamma_bp
echo “0 12 19 30 39 48 56 72 83 105 121 130 118 115 114 108 100 80 66 60 48 38 22″ > /sys/module/dsi_panel/kgamma_bn
echo “32” > /sys/module/dsi_panel/kgamma_w


echo “80” > /sys/class/timed_output/vibrator/amp

As for undervolting, my CPU is a “PVS-0″. Taken from this post you can check what PVS revision your CPU is.

The Qualcomm (S4 Pro) SoC has 4 different variant. Slow, Nominal, Fast and Faster (0, 1, 2, 3) . Faster variants can undervolt a lot lower than the rest, or it should already be pre-configured automatically at a lower voltage like the Nexus 4, so some Xperia Z will have less heat and perform better in battery life. For example, for nominal variants, they might only be able to undervolt around -100mV while faster variants can undervolt around 175mV – 250mV.

Voltages (Frequency = STOCK = MINE)

  • 300000 = 800000 = 650000 (-150)
  • 345000 = 800000 = 700000 (-100)
  • 422000 = 800000 = 700000 (-100)
  • 652000 = 810000 = 735000 (-75)
  • 729000 = 820000 = 745000 (-75)
  • 883000 = 840000 = 790000 (-50)
  • 960000 = 850000 = 800000 (-50)
  • 1036000 = 860000 = 810000 (-50)
  • 1190000 = 885000 = 835000 (-50)
  • 1267000 = 895000 = 845000 (-50)
  • 1497000 = 930000 = 880000 (-50)
  • 1574000 = 945000 = 895000 (-50)
  • 1728000 = 975000 = 925000 (-50)
  • 1958000 = 1020000 = 975000 (-50)
  • 2265000 = 1075000 = 1025000 (-50)
  • 2419000 = 1090000 = 1040000 (-50)
  • 2572000 = 1105000 = 1055000 (-50)
  • 2726000 = 1120000 = 1070000 (-50)
  • 2803000 = 1150000 = 1100000 (-50)
  • 2880000 = 1175000 = 1125000 (-50)
  • 3014000 = 1200000 = 1150000 (-50)

Poll: to www. or not to www.

Justyn | May 24, 2014

I wrote a post many many moons ago about making your URL a no-www URL. Since that post, my site has always had the www. removed from the URL, and if you type in you will have a 301 redirect to

There are sites that don’t use www. and also ones that do. I still personally don’t feel the need for www. and why do you want to type those for extra characters for the URL?

So I figured I would create a poll, to find out a general consensus of what people prefer. There wont be an “other / doesn’t bother me” option either!

In a URL, do you prefer "www" or no "www"?

View Results

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Taking my Wife for granted

Justyn | May 5, 2014

My Wife is an amazing person. A lot better than myself. She’s beautiful, intelligent, caring, and a plethora of other things. Things that I admit I take for granted most of the time. I’ve realised a few things over the past few days that has made me feel overwhelmed me in how I don’t share the workload of everyday happenings, which has brought me to writing this post.

Matt was cooking dinner last night, and happened to knock not only the salt shaker, but also a soy sauce bottle out of the cupboard. Needless to say there was an explosion of glass, salt and soy sauce throughout the kitchen. Keeping Cayden and our puppy away whilst cleaning all the mess up was quite a task, and then it hit me. There are so many things that Chell does, without hesitation that keeps this house hold running.

Some of the examples are:

  • Feeding our pets. I feed our fish. Chell feeds our dogs, cats, and rats. All the time.
  • Meals. I rarely cook. Chell makes me coffee every morning, kids lunches organised, and dinner cooked. Every day.
  • Washing. I usually help with folding. The clean clothes that are in the cupboard and drawers are all because of her.
  • Cleaning. The dishes are clean, the floors are clean, the house is clean. All because of Chell.

There are numerous amounts of things that I could add to the list. I’ve been coming down with a cold and feel down. However what happens when Chell gets sick? She doesn’t have a day off just because she’s tired or unwell. The clothes are still washed, meals cooked and every other daily task is taken care of. I work full-time, however if I get sick, I have time off.

After looking at all these things, it’s made me realise that I need to assist her as much as I can with all these tasks. I need to show her that I appreciate what she does for the kids and I. Even if it’s a thank-you card, or flowers. Something that will brighten her day and make her see that she is appreciated, and that I do care about the amount of tasks she does.

So I was wondering, guys. Do you take for granted some of things that your Wife or partner do for you?

Heartbleed bug tips for securing your accounts

Justyn | April 16, 2014

The hole in OpenSSL known as Heartbleed supposedly affects up to a fifth of all secure web servers. Having such a large portion of the servers affected there is a likelihood that you might have an account that has been compromised. Filippo Valsorda is the 19 year old behind the code that allows you to test websites for the Heartbleed bug, dubbed Heartbleed test.

Heartbleed test

The Heartbleed test has apparently had more than 60 million queries since being released last week.  On reddit  “FiloSottile” as he’s known has posted a few tips for anyone who isn’t very sure what to do with their internet accounts.


Vaccinate your kids if you want them to live

Justyn | April 11, 2014

I’ve been meaning to write a post about having your children vaccinated. I took Cayden to get his latest vaccinations awhile ago and he was a boss! Watched the woman and everything.

There is still people out there that don’t believe in vaccinating their children which I find unsettling, even a Father had to go to court due to his partner not believing in immunisation. However he won, the kids vaccinated and now will be safer than those that aren’t.

The one that got me though was one that a friend shared on Facebook linking to this Mamamia article. It originates from tumblr with this post:

Anti-Vaccination 1

Then, an immunologist saw the post, and responded.