Petition for lane filtering in Australia

By | March 12, 2014

Some people that ride motorcycles may not understand what lane filtering is, however it is a great safety tool for all those that do ride motorcycles and can help to ease congestion on the roads.

As of July 1, lane filtering for motorcycles will be legal in NSW. Shane Lennard, chairman for the Australian Motorcycle Council says that he will be working on making it become a national law.

In the meantime Motorbike Writer has created a petition for the government to introduce this Australia wide.


When the law is introduced, only fully-licensed (not learners or provisional) riders will be (legally) allowed to ride through slow or stationary traffic at intersections, below 30km/h. Riders wont be able to filter in school zones, break-down lanes, beside kerbs, or next to buses and trucks.

There is currently no law that says you cannot lane filter, however you could be fined for other laws such as failure to stay in your lane, passing on the left or dangerous operation of a vehicle. NSW will be creating a new law which will ban riders from filtering through traffic at more than 30km/h.

I personally would like to see this law introduced Australia wide just like in Japan, Asia and Europe where lane filtering is encouraged to avoid gridlock, and legal. Some states in the USA it is also legal.

Even if you don’t ride a motorcycle, please sign the petition so those of us that do can filter legally and safely Australia wide.