Poor service at diesel place in Townsville

By | September 14, 2009

A diesel place in Garbutt, Townsville quoted us $1600 and told us it would take a week to replace a seal in the fuel pump of our Mitsubishi Delica (L400). It ended up costing $2050 and took 14 days to fix! Their reasoning for taking longer and costing more was “there were rusty bolts near the batteries so it took longer”!

They didn’t even have the decency to contact us at all the whole time they had the car to let us know what was going on! The only time they contacted us was a day after we dropped it off to tell us that it was all pulled apart and the fuel pump was definately the problem. They also said if we wanted the aircon fixed it would cost another $2000 just for a compressor alone. So it was all pulled apart after a day but it took another 13 days to put the seal in and put back together?

We contacted them after the car had been there for 9 days to see what was going on and were told that some of their machinery was broken and needed to be fixed before the car could be finished.  Another 3 days went by so we contacted them again, this time we were told that one of the guys had been “taken off” working on my car because there were other “more urgent” jobs to be done (Chell has 4 kids and need to work also).

When Chell finally went to pick up the car up the guy was very rude. He said it was a big job and then told her that some bolts near the batteries were rusty so it took longer to fix. So does that mean she paid almost an extra $500 and went without the car for 14 days for him to take out rusty bolts?

Chell is very upset and not happy with their service and will NEVER take the car to them again, and we will NEVER recommend them to anyone. I just thought that I would share our experience with them and hope anyone else that goes to company removed doesn’t have the same problems we had.