Premium Xperia Z Pouch Case from MobileZap

By | October 14, 2013

Once again I would like to thank the guys over at MobileZap for hooking myself up with this pouch style case for my Xperia Z, thanks! I don’t want to write a big post on this one as I feel it’s worth getting straight to the point. Since receiving this pouch I can honestly say that I no longer have  my old TPU case on my phone, and that the phone looks nicer now and am amazed at how it fits into this pouch perfectly.

The pouch has access to all the ports you need, and has a section cut out at the bottom to allow you to push the phone up to get it out. Inside the pouch it is lined with a nice felt or similar kind of material, nice and soft as to not scratch the phone and smooth enough to allow the phone to easily slide into the case, but at the same time holds the phone enough to not just let it fall out.

Xperia Z Pouch

Xperia Z Pouch

It also has an embossed “Made for XPERIA” on the back in fine print down the bottom which was a nice touch. I cannot fault this pouch at all, it’s simply awesome. I can slide my Xperia Z straight into the pouch and straight into my pocket and it has that premium feel for such a low price.

So if you want a nice faux-leather pouch designed specifically for your Xperia Z, that feels great and the phone fits in perfectly, then I would say buy it. I’ve had it a bit over a week now and the stitching is holding up great, so cannot really fault this pouch at all. However you can check out all the other cases that MobileZap have for the Xperia Z too over on their cases page, their options are endless and you’re sure to find one that you like.