Protect your iPhone from Rick Astley worm

By | November 12, 2009

Most of you know by now that Ashley Towns copied and released an iPhone worm that sets your wallpaper to Rick Astley. If you have been affected it is due to you having a JailBroken iPhone and had SSH installed, turned on and kept the default root password.

For those that aren’t affected, and have SSH installed. I recommend changing the root password and this is how you do it.

Open Cydia and search for “Terminal” and install MobileTerminal.

Start MobileTerminal and type the following without quotes.

"login" - press enter
"root" as login
"alpine" as password

Once you have logged in type in the command “passwd” and it will ask for a new password (note: When typing in the password, no characters will show).


Changing root password

I personally don’t have SSH installed as I use a USB cable and i-FunBox for transferring files to/from my iPhone.