Some questions that need answers

By | April 19, 2010

It has been a week since the person who cannot be named for legal reasons has been charged and I need to dissect the previous blog post, more so the actual news article that was printed in the Townsville Bulletin on 13/04/2010.

Why does it take up to 9 months to examine the material that was found? Is there a lot of material on his computers / digital cameras?

How can they let a man that is facing those type of charges be let off on bail and take up to two years before going to court?

It also states that he has strong ties to Townsville and stable employment. He only started working at the current business (a local doctors surgery) in the past couple of weeks. In the past 2 years he has been employed at 4 different businesses around Townsville. He also has no family living in Townsville.

Now you tell me how he has stable employment and strong ties to Townsville.

The man was granted bail and part of his conditions state that he is unable to come within 100m or have any contact with Chell or the kids. The kids do seem happier since being with us full-time and don’t seem to be as upset.