Restructuring my life

By | March 22, 2013

So as of late it seems that things just get more and more complicated. I hurt people I care about and my actions haven’t seemed to be the best for myself or those involved. So what I am going to do is look at changing these things, improving myself and trying to be more positive and follow the law of attraction “positive thoughts breed positive results”.

So I am going to try and stick to a couple of key points, some will be challenging for me. Some people may not believe I can do them or achieve them. In the end I am going to focus on them all and if the law of attraction is right, I will get positive results.


This is one thing I am going to work on. I need to be honest with myself, those I care about and those that care about me. I believe this one will bring the most positive results if I execute it correctly.


I need to focus more on the people that are important to me. If I can do this and they can see that I am making an effort to be in their lives then in return they will want me in theirs. The ones that are negative or have adverse affects on my life I have to remove.


I need to focus more on life in itself. These are the important things or “small things” in life, this can also tie in to the previous two points as well.


Another thing I need to consider is my career or job. A job may pay well, but money isn’t the main focus (which I have to learn), money cannot bring you true happiness, it may bring you things that you are happy with (possessions e.t.c.) but I have to learn to be happy with myself and those that are important to me. So I may have to look at focussing on other avenues in which will make me happier which also ties in with the previous points too.


I need to take control of my life. This certainly wont happen instantly but if I try and do each of the points in the post one step at a time I will eventually regain control. Life is not a race and I have to start small. Maybe give up smoking, get fitter or drink more water. It doesn’t meant changing my whole life, it just means setting some goals and working towards them. If I fail, then pick it back up and continue.