Review: Trace (iPhone/iPod Touch)

By | November 29, 2008

Trace Trace is a free game that is available in the App Store that doesn’t look like a decent or fun game at first sight. The game itself is all drawn free-hand and the animations are quite basic but the game itself is fun to play.

The game Trace was developed by Bovinedragon Software and was released on 21/10/08 into the App Store. The game runs in landscape mode to give the user more area to play with. The controls are at the bottom of the screen which include a left/right arrow at the bottom left to control the character and a jump button at the bottom right. In between these controls is a retry, back and draw/erase button also.

When your playing Trace the fun part is actually drawing parts of the game. At the start there is a introduction like level to give you a feel for what you have to do to complete each level. Some of the stages are quite straighforward requiring little to no drawing at all whereas other stages you will need to draw platforms or bridges to avoid colliding with the moving objects that stand in your way of getting from the start to finish.

Trace When you are drawing in Trace the reaction time is quite instant and if you make a mistake you can always erase the lines or whatever you have drawn. Trace has a lot to offer with 6 worlds and 120 different stages to complete. Each level is timed so you can always try and beat your previous record for the level. It may seem like a dull game to start off with, but you will not want to put your device down after playing it for a couple of minutes as it gets quite addictive.

The music is quite mellow and can get a bit boring after awhile, but you can always put on some of your own music, that is why you have an iPhone/iPod Touch isn’t it?

Trace does get challenging but you wont get annoyed with the game at all, you will want to try and complete the level you get stuck on and it always seems to entertain me. Trace is the first free game that I have got from the App Store, and I would highly recommend it for entertainment, so what have you got to lose?

Rating: 4/5