Road trip to Paluma

By | July 18, 2008

We got the kids back last Saturday, so decided to go on a road trip up to Paluma. Paluma is about an hour and a half drive from Townsville. It was quite cool in Paluma, since it’s surrounded by rainforest and mountains.

Chell got a bit excited about the temperature so took a photo of it saying 14c, which you don’t often get here in Townsville. We stopped at a park and had some lunch, and the kids all played on the equipment. It was cute as Emily and Tiana would take it in turns pushing each other on the swing.

After lunch went then went up the mountain and took some photo’s of the kids and all the scenery. We went for a walk through the rainforest and took a few more photos.

After the long day, we drove home and the kids, even Chell fell asleep in the car, it was a quiet trip home :-). I will put some photo’s up in the gallery later sometime.