Samsung Galaxy S2 modem test

By | March 3, 2012

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100T), which is rooted and running CyanogenMod 7 nightly. It’s a Telstra branded modem so it shipped with the DVKF2 modem. Since it is rooted, it is easy to test different modems by flashing them through ClockWorkMod.

I decided to test a couple of the different modems using the SpeedTest application on the Brisbane server. I did 3 tests with each of the different modems and then made an average of the results. Each test was a minute apart. I thought I might post the results here for personal reference. I found out that the modem that wasn’t made for the Telstra network performed worse.

The following results are all averages of the 3 tests. If you like I can update the post with results of each of the 3 tests but figured it may be irrelevant.

XXKE4: Ping: 183ms | Down: 3.81Mbps | Up: 1.31Mbps
XXKI3: Ping: 264ms | Down: 2.21Mbps | Up: 0.57Mbps
XXKI4: Ping: 357ms | Down: 0.95Mbps | Up: 0.30Mbps
XXKG2: Ping: 213ms | Down: 2.21Mbps | Up: 0.48Mbps
XXKL1: Ping: 230ms | Down: 1.99Mbps | Up: 0.33Mbps
XXLPH: Ping: 224ms | Down: 1.60Mbps | Up: 0.17Mbps
DVKF2: Ping: 168ms | Down: 1.66Mbps | Up: 0.42Mbps (Telstra)

As you can see from the results, XXKI3 had faster download and upload, with a little bit higher ping than XXKG2, so I opted to use that modem. So far it’s been working fine and have had no issues. If you’ve found another modem that you’ve tested, and is flashable via CWM please comment a link to the modem so I can test it and add it to my Dropbox folder.

I’ve placed a copy of all the modems on my Dropbox for you to download and test, they are all flashable via CWM. If you destroy your Galaxy S2 though, I will not be held responsible. You have been warned. 😉