By | December 24, 2007

As some of you may of known, I’ve been sick since Friday morning/afternoon. It all started with a sore throat, then got worse from there, was getting headaches, cold sweats and high temperatures. I don’t know what it is, but Rachelle got me some Anti-Biotics to hopefully fix it up.

I don’t like being sick, especially when your temperature is aroiund 38.5c, you feel frozen, but are sweating. The worst thing is that Christmas is just around the corner too, which I hope I feel a bit better. This also is my second day without a cigarette, since my throat is so sore, I can’t smoke, so hopefully I wont feel like one by the time I get better.

I’ve also spent some time setting up Gallery2, and am going to configure it into my blog so that I can have images too, so check back soon!

Update: I’ve got Gallery2 all uploaded now, and added some photos and albums, but still have more pictures to upload yet. You can view the gallery by clicking on “Photos” up the top, or clicking here.