Sickness, Movies, Rest

By | June 11, 2008

I started getting sick on Sunday, which was quite bad. I couldn’t sleep properly, coughing all the time, nausea e.t.c. It has worked in my favour though, as I am still sick, I have pretty much quit smoking which is good.

I have Tue/Wed off work, so Chell and I decided to hire some movies and be lazy / let me rest for the two days which has been great.

I was feeling a bit better yesterday, so Chell and I decided to get some prawns for dinner, and we got some garlic and made garlic prawns for dinner, they were delicious.

We dropped the magna off at the mechanic’s this morning to get the brakes done on it, so hopefully they will be all fixed. We then bought some doritos for snacks to night for when we watch the state of origin, c’mon maroons!

That’s all for now, I hope I feel better by tomorrow, this is four days now I’ve felt like crap!

Update: I awoke this morning, feeling a lot better, which is great. My throat is still a little sore. The might maroon’s dominated the field last night, winning state of origin II, the end result – QLD: 30, NSW: 0. Now all we have to do is win the 3rd and final game in 3 weeks, I know we can do it!