Slim (debloat) the LG G4 and improve the camera

By | September 29, 2015

I like to flash new ROM’s, kernels and tweak things with my devices. Sometimes it gets the better of me and I have to wipe my device and start all over again which is what happened the other day with my LG G4. However so far I’ve managed to remove quite a few applications and services without any negative effect and thought I would share it here.

Obviously some applications you may use so you won’t want to remove them. Since I don’t have the EU version of the G4 I cannot unlock the bootloader as of yet (I have the H815K from Telstra) so instead I just injected SuperSU by following this guide. After that I installed Xposed, AppOps and G4 TweaksBox and paid for the unlocker. It is an amazing piece of software.

With root, I also changed my DPI to 540, using Xposed AppSettings I set the DPI of all non-LG apps to 480, AppOps to remove permissions, added some build.prop stuff, installed AdAway, CPU Thermal Throttling mod which helps to eliminate lag, improve performance and lower heat. The dev, Robshr did it with the LG G3, so is hoping to mimic it with the LG G4. Last but not least, I enabled 60FPS at 1080p and 100% Photo Quality.

Now, onto the “debloating” of the stock rom (which is V10d-505-01). As I have said, these have been deleted and haven’t affected my phone usage, however I won’t be held responsive if your phone blows up, or grows legs and runs away. I removed the LG Keyboard as I use Google Keyboard too, so if you remove the keyboard, make sure you have an alternate. Same with LGHome, as I use Apex Launcher.

Deleted from /system/app/

  • ChromeWithBrowser
  • CloudHub
  • Drive
  • DrmService
  • EditorsDocs
  • EditorsSheets
  • EditorsSlides
  • FaceLock
  • GCUV
  • GnssAirTest
  • GnssLogCat
  • GnssPosTest
  • GnssTest
  • GoogleTTS
  • Hangouts
  • HiddenMenu
  • HiddenSIMUnlockMenu
  • HTMLViewer
  • LGAirDrive
  • LGApduService
  • LGBackupLauncher
  • LGDrm
  • LGEasySettings
  • LGEmbmsServiceLayer
  • LGHome_Theme_Optimus
  • LGMusicShare
  • LGPartnerBookmarksProvider
  • LGPCSuite
  • LGSmartcardService
  • LGSpringCleaning
  • LGStk
  • LGTouchControlAreas
  • LGWeatherService
  • LGWernickeManager
  • LGWfdsServices
  • Maps
  • MirrorLinkCertUpdate
  • MirrorLinkServer
  • Music2
  • Newsstand
  • PacProcessor
  • QtiBackupAgent
  • SmartShare
  • SmartShareDLNA
  • SmartShareProvider
  • Videos
  • WfdService
  • WVTest
  • com.lge.shutdownmonitor.apk
  • elt_test
  • rspermlge
  • servicemenu
  • talkback

Total: 241 files, 673.96MB deleted

Deleted from /system/priv-app/

  • BioITPlatform_SDService
  • DownloadWallPaper_signed
  • DualSimStatus
  • EdenService
  • EodEngine
  • HomeSelector
  • IgniteVodafonereleasenl
  • Ims
  • Leccp
  • LGBackup
  • LGBrowser
  • LGCb
  • LGConciergeBoard
  • LGCover
  • LGDMSClient
  • LGEasyHome
  • LGEmail
  • LGERCSProvider
  • LGExchange
  • LGFileManager
  • LGFormManager
  • LGGestureAnswering
  • LGHome (I use KISS Launcher)
  • LGIFTTT (Smart Settings)
  • LGLiveWallpapersPicker
  • LGLW_MultiPhoto
  • LGMapUI
  • LGMessage
  • LGMusic
  • LGMusicWidget
  • LGMyGuide
  • LGMyPlacesEngine
  • LGMyPlacesSettings
  • LGPCSuiteService
  • LGRcsCall
  • LGRCSServices
  • LGSmartSharePush
  • LGSnapPage
  • LGTasksProvider
  • LGUpdateCenter
  • LGVidClip
  • LGVideo
  • LGVoiceRecorder
  • LIAInformant
  • LIAS4URecommender
  • OSA_Telstra
  • SmartSetting
  • SplitWindowService
  • Velvet
  • VpnDialogs
  • WapService

Total: 282 files, 415.37MB

Other Files Removed

  • /system/vendor/pittpatt
  • /system/media/gallery (all files)
  • /system/media/audio/ringtones (all files)
  • /system/media/audio/notifications (all files)
  • /system/tts/ (complete folder)

Total: 50MB

That is over 1GB of files I deleted from /system that I don’t use. I don’t use FaceUnlock, TTS and use my own ring and notification tones.

There is probably more things I could remove, but I just haven’t had the time to test them all.

Deleting all this has allowed me to free up some resources, and seems to be a lot better on battery. Until all variants of the LG G4 can be unlocked and we have custom kernels and ROM’s this is the best we’re going to get for non-EU G4’s.

I hope I’ve helped you out, and have improved your G4 experience. If you find anything else that is worthy of mentioning, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

  • Federico Coccolo

    Hi man, I follow you from Chroma ROM G+ community. I buy G4 EU version but I miss my old N5 a lot!
    I was wondering if it was possible to build at least a smooth scrolling mod for G4..
    Chroma Rom smoothness is still is my eyes!

    • Hi Federico. I have modified my build.prop to improve smoothness. I changed or added the following, hope this helps. Obviously you will not get what a custom AOSP ROM has, but close.


      • Federico Coccolo

        I will try as soon as possible your tips and wanna thank you in advance!
        Could you tell if there is a way also to disable scrolling cache?

        • You’re welcome. You could try adding “persist.sys.scrollingcache=3” in build.prop but I’ve not tried it myself.

          • Federico Coccolo

            Hi Sir, have you heard the news?!? Codeworkx will join G4 community and will own a G4!!!
            I’m sure development will finally begin for our device!
            Do you know other devs that we can try to contact to pass to G4?
            I’m in contact with Atl4ntis (Cataclysm) and he is thinking about..
            In Europe Google pricing is completely crazy.. While G4 has a reasonable price with amazing hardware..

          • Oh that is good. I personally don’t like Cyanogenmod. However having AOSP ROM’s e.t.c. are pointless for me at the moment without LG or a dev getting bootloader unlocked. So still stock for me.

  • Ian Jolliff

    Hi Justyn

    Curious about the deleting of the various apps you have mentioned. Do you delete just the apk itself or the whole folder that has the apk and other files / folders within it?


    • Hi mate. I deleted the whole folders, not just the APK.

      • Ian Jolliff

        Cool, ta.

  • Tobias Diendorfer

    Thanks for the list. I have tried it yesterday on my lg g4 with MM (6.0.0 -> Genisys 3.7 Rom). After debloating all works except that on every boot the lockscreen wallpaper was reset to the default one. Any hints :-) ? thx

    • Hi mate, I’m not sure what could be causing it as I have had no such issues. It could be something different with MM but not sure, I’m stuck on locked bootloader so no MM for me because I want root. :-(

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