Some Beta Testing

By | March 6, 2008

As most of you probably know, Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta has been floating around, and Microsoft just released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1. I was thinking the other day of testing WLM9, and just saw about IE8 getting released, and thought what better time to test it.

I am in the process of downloading them now, and I will report back on how they work, if they crashed. If you have used either, please tell me what you thought of them.

Update: Okay, so I removed Internet Explorer 8, as it’s more of a “development” release, so some site’s didn’t want to work. On the other hand, Windows Live Messenger 9 is quite good, I’m starting to like it. Some of the new features are that if someone has a link in their display name / personal message, your able to click it now. Also another feature is the ability to have animated gif files as your display picture.

You are now also able to sign in at multiple locations, the same way you can with Skype. There is also a list of new sounds (called signature sounds) which you set, and it’s what people on your contact list here when you sign in.