Some reasons I quit Facebook

By | March 13, 2010

Come Monday, I am going on hiatus from Facebook. I figured I was going to quit Facebook and never come back to it but at the last minute I decided to deactivate my account and not totally remove it for good.

I will see how the next week will go not having Facebook and checking it every couple hours. Now, onto some of the reasons I have gone on hiatus.

1. Friends

One of the things with facebook is the friends aspect. It happened with Bebo and MySpace. It is like it is cool to have 300 friends but realistically you need to ask yourself who your friends are.

For instance, in the past month how many of your friends have written on your wall, commented on a status update or even commented on a photo of you? That’s right, it is time to delete some friends.

2. Games

Okay so some of the social aspect of Facebook is games, I get it. If that is the case why not have a game of UNO or Scrabble against one of your friends. I don’t like seeing posts about adopting a pig for my farm 10 times per day (yes I have hidden most things from my wall).

At the end of the day you need to work out how much hours are wasted playing a game like Farmville or YoVille on Facebook and ask yourself what have you achieved from the amount of time playing that game, or what are you working towards?

3. Emo-ness

I guess the word emo-ness fits into this. There isn’t a day go by where I don’t see a status update consisting of scenarios that you would find on FML or MLIA. Really, you have to tell everyone how much the world is against you, and have a big cry about it? This is another reason to cull your friends list I believe.

4. Misinterpretation

I’m sure you have come across a post where your not sure to take it seriously or not. I have come across this a couple of times. You cannot hear the voice inflections when you are reading text so it is diffucult to tell if someone is being sarcastic or serious at times. This can cause friction between friends or family.

5. Embarrassment

Remember that naughty message your loved one wrote on your wall? So do all of your friends. Facebook can be one of the most embarrassing things around. You could have people write things on your wall, tag you in photos that you wish were burnt.

The upside of this is you do have control over who posts on your wall, but do you really want to block everyone from writing on your wall? I thought so.

At least with my blog I control what I put up, the comments, everything. Yes, someone may write an embarrassing comment on my blog but no one sees that comment until I approve it or deny it.