Some Updates

By | December 5, 2008

Well the past week has been all about work, life and the family. Chell and I have both been busy with work and the kids. We took them down The Strand last Friday for dinner and a swim at the Rockpool.

Chell and I both got tattoo’s, hers is 4 butterflies – each one representing one of the kids, it looks great. Mine is my star sign (Pisces) on the inside of my lower arm. We took the kids to the strand last night too for Phoebe’s birthday, they had fun playing with Phoebe and Jayden. Matt got stung by a bee or something but he is alright.

The kids are back at their dads now for another week. We can’t wait to get them back again. Tonight we’re going to go out clubbin’ and chill after a big week. The thing that sucks is that I work the next 5 days, yes all weekend! I will get a good pay though! :-)

Well that is all for now, another update completed. I hope all is going well wherever your reading this from.