By | February 20, 2013

I don’t know how to write down the things that I feel, or how to control them. My mind is all over the place, up and down, day and night. I figured that I will just write it all out.

I know not everyone will understand the post, but I will be happy even if I reach just that one person that can understand. You will know who you are when you read this, you will relate and you will know.

Sometimes I don’t know where to go,
What to do or how to feel,
The pain on the inside cannot be seen,
I am the only one that can feel it.

Sometimes I just need someone to count on,
But I don’t want to complicate things for them,
So what do I do and where do I go,
Do I push them away or do I make them stay.

Sometimes I am happy and sad or both,
I don’t always like who I have become,
There is one person that has seen who I am,
Which I am grateful for and worried if it ends.

Sometimes I wish that I would understand,
The choices I made and the consequences had,
I don’t always believe that I have done right,
Yet at the same time I just cannot fight.

I wish in the end I knew what to do,
I don’t have a clue yet but I am hoping to,
I guess I will end this poem right now,
Sometimes, sometimes I just need an out.

For those that have helped, listened or just plain put up with my bullshit, I thank you.