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Dinner and a BBQ

Last night I cooked a nice Indian Butter Chicken and rice for dinner. Chell and I both loved it. It was delicious and Chell even said it tasted just like Masala. Then we got the kids back today so we went to The Strand and I cooked a BBQ lunch which was yum. The kids… Read More

The weekend

I awoke with a phone call today at 12noon, I was sleeping in because I got home late from Kirsten’s 21’s last night. I answered the call, and my sister said “have you forgotten something?”, it was her 18th birthday today, I remembered, I was just asleep. So I said happy birthday to her, and… Read More

Long Weekend

I had a long weekend this weekend, it was great. I got to spend time with the kids and Rachelle. On Sunday we decided to go to the Strand for a BBQ lunch, but it failed due to the stupid rain that came over, so we played with the kids at the water park and… Read More