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A plateau

I’m not sure what has changed for me lately but I feel that I have reached a plateau. I’m no longer motivated to go to work or do anything any more. I used to enjoy work and the people there but I feel like I have become isolated. Well I have isolated myself really. I’ve… Read More

The weekend

I awoke with a phone call today at 12noon, I was sleeping in because I got home late from Kirsten’s 21’s last night. I answered the call, and my sister said “have you forgotten something?”, it was her 18th birthday today, I remembered, I was just asleep. So I said happy birthday to her, and… Read More

Girls Birthday

Yesterday was Emily and Tiana’s second birthday, the terrible two’s, but with twins! I finished work at 3pm yesterday and got the girls, by the time we got home it was about 3:30pm, they unwrapped their presents and had some cake, we got some photos and they were all happy and cute. Micah came to… Read More