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What is blogging?

I thought I might write an article about Blogs (or weblogs). A blog is a type of website (like this one) which allows the individual to update it with anything they like; be it information about a certain event or a video of their animal. Think of a blog as a personal online diary, or… Read More

Why I’m using Skribit

Along with the new theme design and photos. I have also added a widget on the right side of the page called Skribit. Skribit is basically a blog topic suggestion application which allows you, the reader to suggest things that you would like to read about. Skribit was developed by Paul Stamatiou who is a… Read More

WordPress 2.5 delayed

Well it seems WordPress 2.5 has been delayed again, it’s initial release was for March 10, then pushed back until March 17, then March 21. So far according to the WordPress trac it’s a day old so far. There is still currently 256 active tickets, which I hope will get fixed up soon. It’s good… Read More

WordPress 2.5

Well, it seems WordPress 2.5 will be released on my birthday (thats right, today), but it will be late tonight as it’s not 17th March in the states just yet. It seems quite strange, I haven’t seen any Beta or RC releases of WP 2.5, I just hope all of the plugins are compatible with… Read More

Sweet Titles

I have added Sweet Titles by Dustin Diaz to my blog just recently, I think it looks great. You will notice it at work when you hover over any link, you will see a nice transparent box “popup” with the details of the link inside it. I think it’s a nice little feature, and uses… Read More