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Eventful Day

Last night the boys friend Jayden stayed over. They had fun watching movies and playing the Playstation 2, they stayed up until midnight! Today Chell and I took all the kids to Bowen for the day to swim and have fun, it was great. We stopped off at Ayr where the big rainbow serpent is… Read More

Movie: Next

The other day Chell and I watched a movie called Next. It stars Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel. The movie is about a man that can see into the future, but the catch is that he can only see his future, it involves action, murder, suspense. The plot on IMDB states: Las Vegas showroom magician… Read More

The Dark Knight

On Saturday evening, Chell, me and the boys decided to watch The Dark Knight. Matt got almost half way through it, but fell asleep so he went off to bed. Chell watched 3/4’s of it, and got bored of it. I watched the whole movie with Jacob, but I must say that it isn’t as… Read More

Dinner and movie

After work today Chell and I went out to dinner and see a movie, it was such a great night. We don’t go out very often, so it was nice to spend some quality time with Chell. We went to Hog’s Breath for dinner, that place has the nicest steak I have ever eaten. Afterwards… Read More

Sickness, Movies, Rest

I started getting sick on Sunday, which was quite bad. I couldn’t sleep properly, coughing all the time, nausea e.t.c. It has worked in my favour though, as I am still sick, I have pretty much quit smoking which is good. I have Tue/Wed off work, so Chell and I decided to hire some movies… Read More

What Happens in Vegas…

Chell and I went to see the new Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz movie, What Happens in Vegas. It was quite a good movie, with lots of laughs. It reminded of Ashton’s other movie he did, with Brittany Murphy, Just Married. Here is the plot of What Happens in Vegas, taken from IMDb. Set in… Read More


Rachelle and I have watched quite a few movies lately. We have watched the first 5 episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so thought it would be good to watch The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines so we could see how the new TV series fits in… Read More

What a day

This morning started with the girls sneaking out of their room, and into ours to wake us up at about 6:30am, which was naughty. We then did the usual, breakfast, getting the kids dressed etc. We then took the kids and Cassie to Pallarenda to go for a swim, they enjoyed it and Rachelle and… Read More

Our adult adventure

Rachelle and I set off the other day to find some decent adult movies and toys. We checked out a couple of places but their prices / varieties weren’t really that good, so we were about to give up when we decided to give one more place a go. We ended up getting a Private… Read More

Movies, Work

Rachelle and I watched all three Lord of The Rings the other week, it was agony at first for me, but I eventually got used to the whole fantasy thing. The movies weren’t too bad, the special effects were great, it’s just a pity the movies go for about 3 hours. Work has been quite… Read More