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My Firefox addons

My web browser of choice is Firefox. I have been using it for years and since the upgrade to 4.0 losing the status bar, I thought I might create a post with my Firefox Addons. Adblock Plus – Homepage This addon is self explanatory. It allows you to block ads based on filters that you… Read More

Internet Explorer first, Safari last against phishing

An independent security research group named NSS Labs found that Internet Explorer 8 came out on top at stopping phishing attacks. Firefox and Internet Explorer both tied first followed by Opera and Chrome. Safari was the biggest loser, coming last with only 2% of phishing attempts being blocked and there was no difference between the… Read More

Firefox 3 is here

The much awaited and anticipated web browser is here. Firefox 3 has been awhile in the making, and just for the people that like reading over the release notes, they are also available. To become part of the Guiness World Records, please go ahead and download Firefox 3, you have roughly until 04:00 on the… Read More

Firefox 3.0 RC3 Released

The Mozilla Foundation have recently released Firefox 3.0 RC3, which is one step closer to the final release. You can check out the release notes for Firefox 3.0 RC3, or go straight to the download page. Now remember that these builds are for testing purposes only, so enjoy. Firefox 3 is based on the Gecko… Read More