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Rachelle went to Cairns for the night / weekend with Kirsten and Amanda yesterday. They drove up and are spending the night there and going to the markets today to do some shopping. I asked Josh if he wanted to come around, so he ended up turning up about 8:30pm and we ordered some pizza… Read More

Busy day

After sleeping in until 8am this morning (I worked a late shift last night), we got the kids dressed and decided to go to Freckles Fun Factory. We spent two wholesome hours of fun there, it was great, the girls got on the jumping castle, and maintained a fair amount of balance whilst jumping, the… Read More


Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I had a pretty good time, Chell and I cooked a chicken on the webber, we also cooked some pork and ham the night before for a Christmas Eve dinner. On Christmas, we awoke and I got dressed up in a Santa suit to hand out all… Read More