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Why www? Make it no-www!

When you visit a website it can generally be accessed via “http://www.domain.com” or “http://domain.com”. Having access to both versions will in fact over time harm your search engine ranking. When you send an email to someone their address generally isn’t “name@mail.domain.com”. It would more likely be “name@domain.com” so why not just remove the www. from… Read More

ACMA Blacklist leaked

The ACMA blacklist has been updated to March 18, 2009. You can download it here. Well it’s been all over the news that Wikileaks has leaked the apparent blacklist of filtered websites for Australia which I have created a mirror of here. The list that which contains 2457 lines is floating around which contains websites… Read More

3G Speed Test

Well my iPhone is on Optus and most people I know or the things I’ve been reading say that Optus’s 3G network is shit. So I decided to do a speed test and here are the results. Now this was done inside a shopping centre about 12:30pm on a Friday afternoon. Now as the picture… Read More