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Three day weekend

So I had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off this week. What better way to spend it than to go camping. Chell and I packed up the car with the tent, sleeping bags, food e.t.c. and off we went. We ended up going to The Boulders at Babinda. We arrived around 8:30pm and setup the tent,… Read More

Sunday at Riverway

I had Sunday off work so we decided to take the kids to Riverway for the afternoon. We bought the boys some bodyboards to take to the pool, they loved them. We bought some new floaties for the girls, and they dived into the pool and swam to us, it was so cute. Jacob and… Read More

The Water Park

We went to The Water Park today, it was quite fun. The kids enjoyed in immensely. We arrived at around 9:40am, and the kids kept asking “when will the water be turned on”, we kept saying “at 10am”, but they kept asking impatiently After playing around, we decided to go get the kids McDonalds for… Read More


Rachelle and I went to dinner Thursday night at Cactus Jacks on Palmer St. We were going to sit inside, but it seemed nicer to sit outside. Rachelle had a Strawberry Margarita whilst I had a Coke, as I was driving. I ordered the BBQ Ribs, and Rachelle ordered the Chicken Crispers, both meals were… Read More

Long Weekend

I had a long weekend this weekend, it was great. I got to spend time with the kids and Rachelle. On Sunday we decided to go to the Strand for a BBQ lunch, but it failed due to the stupid rain that came over, so we played with the kids at the water park and… Read More

What a day

This morning started with the girls sneaking out of their room, and into ours to wake us up at about 6:30am, which was naughty. We then did the usual, breakfast, getting the kids dressed etc. We then took the kids and Cassie to Pallarenda to go for a swim, they enjoyed it and Rachelle and… Read More

Busy day

After sleeping in until 8am this morning (I worked a late shift last night), we got the kids dressed and decided to go to Freckles Fun Factory. We spent two wholesome hours of fun there, it was great, the girls got on the jumping castle, and maintained a fair amount of balance whilst jumping, the… Read More