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Optus Tethering on iPhone OS 3.1.2

There is now a simple way to enable tethering on the iPhone 3G/3Gs using Optus without paying extra. Now if you do happen to get charged I take no responsibility. Your iPhone must be JailBroken. Add http://apt.iphone-storage.de as a source in Cydia, then search for Tethering and install the one corresponding to your iPhone (Tethering… Read More

SLiM – Simple Login Manager

I recently swapped from GDM to SLiM on my EeePC running Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 and decided to make a nice simple theme for it which you can download. SLiM is exactly that, a Simple Login Manager and it lives up to it’s name. Even being as simple as it is, you can still theme… Read More

iPhone OS 3.0

Well last night I decided to bite the bullet and download iPhone OS 3.0 from The Pirate Bay. Technically what I did was piracy I guess as it’s the Gold Master sent to developers and not the one that is released to the general public. Update: Version 3.0 of the firmware has officially been released,… Read More