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xchat-gnome is not XChat

I installed Ubuntu 9.04 today on my EeePC and notice that the version of XChat I had installed seemed different. The first thing I noticed was it was called xchat-gnome and was build 0.xx. Knowing that XChat was up to version 2.8 I thought it seemed quite odd.

3G Speed Test

Well my iPhone is on Optus and most people I know or the things I’ve been reading say that Optus’s 3G network is shit. So I decided to do a speed test and here are the results. Now this was done inside a shopping centre about 12:30pm on a Friday afternoon. Now as the picture… Read More

Acronis True Image Home 2009

Well I did a clean install of Windows Vista yesterday and got all my programs and applications installed. This time I decided to create an image of the drive, and see how the backup / restore goes. My main drive (C:) is 83GB and after Vista and all the applications it has 35GB used. I… Read More

iLove my iPhone

Well, as everyone would know, I used to be very anti-apple, and touted the iPhone as a devil phone. But since I bought one, my judgement has changed, and it really is quite a nice device. The first thing I did when I got the iPhone, was JailBreak it with QuickPwn. This allows you to… Read More

µTorrent 1.8 released

I thought I would let people know, that the final build of µTorrent is officially out now. It comes in as v1.8 build 11758. The first thing I noticed about the new build is a new icon, aqua-ish, whilst a minimal change, it still is nice. You can download µTorrent over here, and for the… Read More