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Has reCaptcha been cracked?

I’m not sure what to say here, I have ReCaptcha on my blog to fight spam comments, and my idea was it was to stop bots from spamming the comments. Lately I have been getting 20-30 comment’s waiting for approval, ones like these: – Yeah … Here people used to say: ABC teach – in… Read More

Email Hoaxes

I have received not only one, but two email hoaxes from friends within three days of themselves. The first one is the good old “Bill Gates will give you money if you forward this”, the other being “Ericsson giving away free laptops”. Now here is some of the transcript from the emails, and why they… Read More

Akismet; Spam comments

Well, I was going through my comments that Akismet happened to catch. I am suprised at the amount of garbage that would get through if it wasn’t for Akismet. Just going through the comments, there is things in there that are quite strange, like: Thankfully modern penis enlargement techniques offer REAL results and empower men… Read More