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Time off work… Thinking

Well, I’ve had 3 days off work which has allowed me to think about everything quite a lot, that’s all I seem to be doing lately, just sitting around thinking. I’ve been talking to Chell and Josh lately, which has been good. I’m still up in the air about if I’m going to stay in… Read More


A lot of stuff has changed this past month. Some things that are bad, other things that have been good. Work at Telstra is going good, but it seems that I’m stuck in a rut there, nothing seems to be progressing as quick as I intended. I haven’t made a definate decision yet, but an… Read More

Great Night

Well last night when I finished work, we picked up Brian, a mate of ours, and proceeded to the Bottle-O with a prepaid VISA I got. Looking in the shop there was a case of Extra Dry Platinum for $45, so I had to buy them. We basically drank the whole case, there’s about 3… Read More