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Replace Notepad with Notepad2, Vista

One of my previous posts was about the text editor Notepad2. Which as I mentioned before is a lightweight editor which also has syntax highlighting. Now I recently noticed a forum post on MSFN, on how to replace Notepad with Notepad2, so without further ado, here is the code: takeown /f %Systemroot%\notepad.exe takeown /f %Systemroot%\System32\notepad.exe… Read More

History repeats itself

Well it seems like everyone touted Vista as “the bad OS”, especially when SP1 came out, causing reboot loops. A lot of people seemed to steer clear of SP1, saying that XP was a lot better. Now, the question is, everyone that put dirt on Vista SP1 for the endless reboot loop, and sticking with… Read More

Notepad2 editor

I generally do all my HTML/PHP/CSS editing in Notepad, and one fallback with the Notepad that comes with windows is syntax highlighting. I found this neat little program called Notepad2, which is lightweight, doesn’t require any installation, and doesn’t change anything in the registry which is a bonus! The installation file weighs in at 247KB,… Read More

Certified Vista advisor

I received my package in the mail today from Microsoft, containing a “Windows Vista Advisor” shirt and certificate. I obtained it from doing the Vista Fact or Fiction awhile ago. As far as I know it is still valid, but you only receive the certificate now instead of the shirt.

Laptop Finally Setup

Well, I have been setting up / copying / backing up stuff from Rachelle’s laptop to mine, and it is finally all done. The laptop runs beautifully, can really notice the difference going from 32bit Vista to 64bit, everything is just so much more snappy and executes faster. Rachelle also bought a new camera today,… Read More

BigPond NextG v2.10.4 Update

In a previous post I wrote about how much the new connection manager (2.10.4) mutilates the connection on the computer. Well currently there is a simple fix that addresses the issue. I have tested it multiple times and seems to work fine on both, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Here is the following commands that… Read More

New Laptop

Well I have decided not to get the dell anymore, since they can’t provide a tax invoice until I receive the goods. So Rachelle and I went looking around on Wednesday for a new laptop, and ended up going to Joyce Mayne to see a friend, Josh. After waiting quite awhile since he was serving… Read More