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History repeats itself

Well it seems like everyone touted Vista as “the bad OS”, especially when SP1 came out, causing reboot loops. A lot of people seemed to steer clear of SP1, saying that XP was a lot better. Now, the question is, everyone that put dirt on Vista SP1 for the endless reboot loop, and sticking with… Read More

Notepad2 editor

I generally do all my HTML/PHP/CSS editing in Notepad, and one fallback with the Notepad that comes with windows is syntax highlighting. I found this neat little program called Notepad2, which is lightweight, doesn’t require any installation, and doesn’t change anything in the registry which is a bonus! The installation file weighs in at 247KB,… Read More

BigPond NextG v2.10.4 Update

In a previous post I wrote about how much the new connection manager (2.10.4) mutilates the connection on the computer. Well currently there is a simple fix that addresses the issue. I have tested it multiple times and seems to work fine on both, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Here is the following commands that… Read More