Telstra Bundle Deal

By | March 10, 2014

It’s back once again, like the previous Family and Friends deal Telstra had going, you can get up to $20 per month off your fixed services, which is a saving of up to $480. If you’re interested in getting a new service with these savings, feel free to contact me so I can put in a referral for you. The offer expires on May 12, so get in quick!

The $20 Bundle Discount Offer provides a $20 discount on the monthly charge of eligible Telstra Bundles, Telstra Entertainment bundles, T-Bundle BizEssentials and DOT (Digital Office Technology) plans. The offer is available to customers connecting a new Fixed Broadband service as part of a Bundle. Eligible customers will be offered a $20 discount off their Consumer or Business Bundle plan’s monthly charge, for every month they remain on that plan, for 24 months.

To comply with Telstra’s 3Rs Policy, I am both a Telstra Customer and a Telstra Employee. I AM NOT authorised to represent Telstra on this blog. For an official response, try