Three day weekend

By | November 26, 2009

So I had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off this week. What better way to spend it than to go camping. Chell and I packed up the car with the tent, sleeping bags, food e.t.c. and off we went. We ended up going to The Boulders at Babinda.

We arrived around 8:30pm and setup the tent, bed and had a cup of coffee. It was so hot sleeping, and I didn’t really fit too well in the tent, I had to lay sort of diagonally to fit properly. The next morning we got up at around 7am and had lovely cold showers, since there was no hot water at the camping grounds!

We ended up going for a walk throughout the forest and got some cool photos, and sat on the boulders and listened to the water, it was nice and peaceful. I started getting sick (Chell was still kind of sick), so we decided to head back to Townsville. We ended up trying to find a place called Misty Mountains, but ended up on someones property so we turned around.

When we arrived home we had Masala for dinner, which was delicious and watched episode 5 and 6 of Nip/Tuck Season 6. The next day we did the grocery shopping and bought a puzzle of London, Chell had to buy it and we have almost finished it. :-)