TorrentSpy closes its doors

By | March 30, 2008

After a long, expensive two year battle with the MPAA, TorrentSpy has decided to shut down permanently. TorrentSpy was once one of the most popular sites among the BitTorrent community, but things changed after a federal judge ordered TorrentySpy to log all user data.

Justin Bunnell, founder of TorrentSpy wrote on the site:

“We have decided on our own, not due to any court order or agreement, to bring the search engine to an end and thus we permanently closed down worldwide on March 24, 2008.”

Brokep from The Pirate Bay, another popular BitTorrent site, who has had their fair share of lawsuits, wrote this about TorrentSpy’s closure:

Today all big torrent sites are pressured somehow. TPB has its share of pressure, however we expected it and have a legal system that is more just in cases like this. The way that the copyright lobby is going at this is totally wrong and we can’t let them win. And we won’t let them win. Today we reached a loss of a site, but it was more a person having to give up for economical reasons than anything else. The copyright lobby has their big cards – money and influence. In the long run they will have to give up as well. And when they do, I’ll go to the US and buy Justin a well-deserved beer.