By | April 13, 2008

Rachelle went to Cairns for the night / weekend with Kirsten and Amanda yesterday. They drove up and are spending the night there and going to the markets today to do some shopping. I asked Josh if he wanted to come around, so he ended up turning up about 8:30pm and we ordered some pizza and played CounterStrike for a couple of hours, then he ended up leaving around about 1:30am or so, it was a great night, good to catch up :-).

I still haven’t gone to sleep yet 🙁 It’s so weird not having Rachelle here. I just haven’t felt tired, so I decided to make my time that I am awake useful and I have washed some clothes and done almost all the rest of the folding 🙂

I might end up going to bed shortly as the sun will be up soon, once I get some sleep I plan to finish what’s left of the folding, and then take the car and get it all washed and clean so it’s all nice and tidy for when Rachelle gets back 🙂 I will try and clean the house up a bit and have a bit of a nap before Rachelle returns, as we are going to go out for dinner 🙂

Well, the sun is set to come up in two hours, so I might go to bed and hopefully sleep before it wakes me up 🙂

Goodnight (or good morning?)