Some updates

By | June 9, 2013

I figured it would be time to post some updates since I have deleted Facebook about 2 weeks ago I haven’t really had any “statuses” so to speak. I still however am on Google+, TwitterInstagram and SnapChat.

So what has been happening? I’ve been spending a lot more time with Chell. We sat down and had a good chat, put everything out there on the table and moved forward, which has been good. I’ve got to see the kids a lot more than I did previously, and have the family all under one roof. I’ve been communicating with her a lot more, which has made things easier and I have been more open.

I got rid of my Galaxy S2 and bought a Sony Xperia Z which is amazing. I also bought a motorcycle and got my licence. I ended up getting a red CBR250R and pimped it out with hidden red LED’s which glow nicely at night. I’ve been riding a lot, and love it! It is so much cheaper in fuel than running the commodore, which is a bonus.

Since not having Facebook, I guess I have been a lot quieter and haven’t really talked to many people as much. If you feel like I have left you in the dark, I am sorry. If you have my number don’t hesitate to message and say hi, shoot me an email, send me a snapchat or something. :-)

Hope all is well.