Wedding Plans

By | February 12, 2009

Well we have been organising a lot of things over the past couple of weeks. All is going well with the plans for the wedding which is great. Chell has her dress, veil and shoes, I have my suit and tie, the girls have their little dresses and also the bridesmaids have their dresses.

We still need to find some suits for the boys yet, and Dale and Wes need to get a suit also. Other than that the clothing side of things is pretty much covered now, everything has worked out great.

We went and saw the celebrant today and her husband is the photographer, we had a look at all their packages and examples of weddings they have done. They seem really professional and love the photo’s they have taken.

Chell is going to get her nails done tomorrow and also her hair to see what kind of style she wants to have for the wedding. We are going to get my wedding band next week too. We also have to finish creating the invitations and get them all sent out.

Other than that all the plans are going great and everything is falling in place, it seemed like a lot of planning, but once you get into it and get it organised it seems to just work.