What is blogging?

By | October 1, 2009

I thought I might write an article about Blogs (or weblogs). A blog is a type of website (like this one) which allows the individual to update it with anything they like; be it information about a certain event or a video of their animal. Think of a blog as a personal online diary, or something used as a medium to post information about a certain subject.

Why do people blog?
The reason people blog is to be heard, share their thoughts and ideas or just to express themselves. We’ve all read those columns in magazines about opinions on things, well a blog is a way for someone to publish what they are thinking or feeling.

They can also use it to share photos or videos. Some people like to blog about a certain subject (for example someone might blog about technology).

Blog examples
There are blogs for every subject and here are some just to name a few of the ones online.

  • The Fashion File is fashion blog written by a fashion major named Bridget.
  • The Car Blog has rants and opinions about the world of automobiles.
  • News Blog has news in the media and current affairs.

This is just a small insight into the kinds of blogs out there. There are the more obscene trash-talk blogs like Perez Hilton which is a celebrity gossip blog.