What really grinds my gears

By | January 7, 2009

So here is for my second installment of what really grinds my gears. Todays issue is sales people, not all of them, just the ones that try and force you into buying something. I guess it’s there job to try and sell you stuff but isn’t there a limit to it?

So today Chell and I go to WOW Sight and Sound to buy a new HDD, after looking at the 2.5″ portable and the 3.5″ external Hard Drives, the sales guy tries to sell us the 2.5″ portable, even though we’re after the bigger one (it will just sit on the desk, and was cheaper). He then again goes “so this is the one you want”, but wasn’t like a question, more like a statement.

We proceded to buy the 3.5″ external hard drive, paid for it and left. Chell’s now happy she has a 500GB hard drive as her old 320GB is dying (typical since it was bought from Joyce Mayne).