xchat-gnome is not XChat

By | April 26, 2009

I installed Ubuntu 9.04 today on my EeePC and notice that the version of XChat I had installed seemed different. The first thing I noticed was it was called xchat-gnome and was build 0.xx. Knowing that XChat was up to version 2.8 I thought it seemed quite odd.

I joined #xchat on freenode and noticed in the topic they had a link to xchat-gnome != XChat which answered my questions.

xchat-gnome and XChat are two different programs. xchat-gnome is a stripped version of the original XChat with less features and only the most common settings included.

Now to get xchat-gnome removed and install XChat I followed these steps:

1. In a terminal type: sudo apt-get ??purge xchat-gnome
2. Go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources.
3. Check universe and multiverse repos.
4. In a terminal type: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xchat

Now XChat should be installed and xchat-gnome removed.