Xperia Z1, SlimKat and Pimped Kernel

By | March 24, 2014

I upgraded from the Xperia Z to the Xperia Z1 awhile ago. It is an amazing device, however it took Sony awhile to fix the bootloader unlocking issue, however that is fixed now and custom kernels and ROM’s now work! As I’ve done before, I will post my current setup.

Device: Sony Xperia Z1 (16GB Black)
ROM: SlimKat (Weekly Builds)
Kernel: Pimped Kernel
Apps: Pimp My Z1

First I have to thank Louis Teboul for an amazing kernel and tweaking application (and all the other devs that made this possible).  As you will notice I’m not running Cyanogenmod 11 anymore. There isn’t anything wrong with CM, however I couldn’t help flashing updates everyday. At least with SlimKat it’s a weekly release cycle.

Now onto my settings, which give me decent battery life and still great performance.

CPU Control

  • Minimum: 300MHz
  • Maximum: 1267MHz
  • Per-Core Governor Control: Off
  • Governor (All Cores): intellidemand
  • TCP Congestion Algorithm: cubic
  • Thermal Throttling: On
  • Snake Charmer: On

GPU Control

  • Minimum: 27MHz
  • Maximum: 200MHz
  • Governor: powersave

Power Management

  • Multi-Core Power Saving: Agressive
  • Intelli Plug: On
  • Intelli Plug Eco Mode: On
  • Power Suspend: On

I/O Tweaks

  • Dynamic File Sync: Off
  • I/O Scheduler (eMMC): noop
  • Readaheead (eMMC): 1024
  • Entropy Contribution (eMMC): Off

Memory Management

  • KSM: Off
  • Pages To Scan: 100
  • KSM Timer: 500ms


  • Vibrator Intensity: 20%

Sound Control

  • HeadPhones Digital Gain: 10/10
  • Headohones Analog Gain: 12/12
  • Speaker Gain: 10/10
  • Mic/Camera Mic Gain: 0